Project Backups

We have thousands of Curio customers around the world who use Curio for their important notebooks: work projects, personal projects, client designs, doctoral dissertations, class notes, and much, much more. We couldn’t be more thrilled and proud at what you’re able to create and achieve with Curio.

With such important data please be sure to create project backups. Accidents happen, laptops are dropped or stolen, lightning can strike, bugs exist, and disk drives do die. Backups are easy to do, take only 5 minutes to implement, and are quite inexpensive for the peace of mind they provide. Please check out one or more of the options below.

Curio Automatic Backups

Curio Standard and Professional customers should take advantage of its built-in support for automatic backups. After setup, projects located within the specified Projects folder are automatically backed up to the specified Backups folder.

Curio PDF Mirroring

Curio Standard and Professional support a feature called PDF Mirror which will create an automatic, cross-platform PDF representation of your entire project and store it in a specified destination folder. This special publishing feature can even optionally include all embedded and aliased assets.

Time Machine

For years macOS has supported a wonderfully integrated backup solution called Time Machine. Every hour all your important documents and applications are backed up to an external drive which is useful if your primary drive dies.

Whole Disk Backups

You can also implement a whole-disk backup plan with either Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper. Either application can create a bootable backup disk on an external drive which gives you an exact, up-to-date copy of your internal drive.

Cloud Backups

A remote, cloud backup service is inexpensive and easy to configure, for example BackBlaze.

Sync Services

A syncing service such as iCloud Drive, Dropbox, or Google Drive can be useful as well.

Please note that these are syncing services, not backups, so if you delete a project or if a project is corrupted on one machine they will sync the deletion or corruption to your other machines.

If you intend to store your projects on a synced folder then we strongly encourage you to view these tips.

One technique that you may want to consider is storing your projects locally but setting Curio’s folder for automatic backups, described above, to a location on a synced service. For example, your projects folder could be ~/Documents/Curio and your backups could be set to ~/Dropbox/Curio.