Feature Roundup

Curio has scores of features that you can use to maximize your productivity!

Here’s a central index of all of Curio’s key features with links to details elsewhere in the documentation, separated by our Standard and Professional editions.

Curio Standard

Kickstart your productivity with an amazing collection of features and functionality with projects unlimited in size.

Notebook Environment


  • Mind mapping with left, right, top-down, and org chart arrangements; branch boundary shading; relationship lines; date calculations.
  • Lists from simple to-do’s to complex hierarchical lists, numbered or bulleted, checkboxes, level styles, date calculations.
  • Albums of photos or documents, such as PDFs, with optional captions.
  • Index cards for organizing ideas.
  • Tables with headers and footers.
  • Pinboards for freeform groupings.
  • Stacks for Kanban-style task tracking.
  • Table of Contents list or mind map.
  • Focus mode to help you concentrate on specific figures or branches.


Multimedia and PDFs



  • Sleuth window and Sleuth sidebar shelf for integrated Internet research, including ChatGPT, Gemini, Claude, and Perplexity AI.

Import / Export

Curio Professional

Curio’s most advanced features for power-users and productivity gurus.

  • Synced figure instances where copies of figures across a project share content and meta (transclusion) across an entire project.
  • File-backed text figures display the content of embedded or aliased rich text or markdown files, located anywhere on disk, as editable text figures.
  • Figure layers allow for more flexible layouts and arrangements.
  • Cross references, with custom types like Agree and Evidence, can be created between figures, idea spaces, and web locations for more organized research.
  • Status shelf for easy cross-project task tracking at a glance.
  • Query-based collections allow you to create list, mind map, or stack collections that contain the dynamic results of a query, like due<2w or #active.
  • Master figure styles and stencils, master idea space styles and templates, and master markdown styles for dynamic updates throughout a project.
  • Presentation mode for group brainstorming sessions, plus Present in Window for remote window sharing.
  • Custom figure data allows custom keys and formatted values to be associated with your project figures and available for search queries.
  • Custom variables for use throughout your project for dynamic text replacements.
  • Custom sharing actions to export data to other apps via 3rd party app URL schemes.
  • Custom appearance themes to fine-tune the look of your Curio interface.
  • Custom project backup settings.
  • External project library to support Spotlight searching of project assets.
  • External repositories for sharing styles, stencils, and templates with colleagues.
  • Project password for project security.