Recent macOS releases have introduced a series of “Continuity” features allowing you to use your iOS device with your Mac. Many of these features are useful with Curio!

There are lots of specifics including Mac and iOS device compatibility plus Bluetooth and Wi-Fi requirements found in the links below.

Continuity Camera

Introduced with macOS Mojave, Continuity Camera is a fast way to take a photo directly into Curio.

Via Curio’s Insert main menu or the right-click idea space context menu you can choose Take Photo with your iPhone or iPad, take the picture using that device, and it will appear, almost magically, as an image figure in your idea space.

Alternatively, you can choose Scan Documents instead, which converts the captured photo into a PDF, which is then plopped into your idea space. In macOS Big Sur, Continuity Camera gains an enhanced scanning features for clearer scans and automatic cropping.

Continuity Sketch

Introduced with macOS Catalina, Continuity Sketch is another useful service.

Via the same Insert or right-click context menu, you can choose Add Sketch, then sketch out an idea using your iPhone or iPad. With an iPad you can use your nifty Apple Pencil if you have one. When you tap Done the result is instantly dropped into your idea space as an image figure.

Continuity Markup

Introduced with macOS Catalina, Continuity Markup is very useful if you work on PDF documents.

However one key limitation is that it only works with Quick Look from the Finder.

  1. To do this with a PDF in Curio you have to perform a quick initial first step: right-click on the PDF figure in Curio and choose Reveal in Finder.
  2. Then in the Finder you can press Spacebar to bring up Quick Look, tap the Markup button, then the Annotate button to choose your device.
  3. Now you can add highlights, draw arrows, sketch notes, type text, add a signature, and more!
  4. As you work the changes appear live within the Quick Look preview on the Mac.
  5. When you tap Done on your iOS device, then Done in the Quick Look window, then switch back to Curio, your PDF image figure will automatically refresh to show those new annotations.


Introduced with macOS Catalina, Sidecar allows your iPad+Pencil to mimic a high-end pressure-sensitive graphics tablet such as a Wacom tablet.

This feature allows you to use your iPad+Pencil to sketch directly into your Curio notebook using Curio’s scribble mode. As far as Curio’s concerned, it thinks you’ve plugged a graphics tablet directly into your Mac.